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Simon, you’ve rescued the game of Futebol de Salão. So many players who I played with would be interested in the fact you have done this. We still enjoy playing it, but in Brazil we can’t even buy a ball, FIFA have ruined the game with a bouncing and a high ball.


What Simon is doing is fantastic. Normally what you see in other children is just the basics of the game. He is saying that nothing is impossible. If English players can learn the qualities Simon is teaching, then it will be good for the country

Jay Jay Okocha

I developed my skills playing Futebol de Salão in my home town of Bauru. I explained to Simon that the true and total beauty of football is only seen in the ingenuity, inventiveness, instinct and skill of the players, both individually and as a team.


We rewarded Simon for his efforts these past years. He has been tenacious, determined, a force of nature. When speaking to all that work at the football Association he has become a very popular and highly respected man.

HRH Prince William