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BSS Northern Beaches is once again hosting its very popular holiday clinics. These clinics have operated for over 5 years and more than 5000 players have participated.


The Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS) unique coaching programme will illustrate that the dreams of any child, combined with daily practice and a unique devotion to the ball, can produce players with previously unseen levels of technical and physical ability.

We exist to develop players who enjoy playing the game so much that they pass on their creativity, passion and enthusiasm to all of those who see them play and train. BSS is active worldwide and many BSS players have achieved professional football status through following the unique coaching methods that focus on ball mastery and skill acquisition.

“This is the best coaching tool that I have ever seen. It sets out carefully, step by step the methods that have made my country ‘Five times FIFA World Champions’ and this is a must for all interested in the great game of football, the first time our secrets have been revealed.”

Jairzinho (Player of the Tournament -1970 World Cup and the only man in history to score in every round of the World Cup finals).


All players no matter what age or current skills ability will enjoy a Holiday Camp that will genuinely challenge and engage each player. The BSS programme is comprehensively designed to improve all players first touch, weaker foot, composure under player pressure, visual & spacial awareness, physical & mental co-ordination and whilst we completely understand that every child likes nothing more to just play actual games and they would probably prefer to do that all day, we want to immerse each player in a environment of learning and not just provide holiday child care. Our drills are fun based but progressively linked to the FFA 4 core factors of skills acquisition that improve ability in first touch,1v1, running with & striking the ball.

Our task is to make sure that all players achieve even time on the ball and have fun in equal measure whilst we also balance the intensity of instruction and demonstrative coaching with less intensive periods of free play and fun based gameplay using skills learnt particularly throughout the skills acquisition coaching during the morning sessions from 9am-12pm.

We like to work on core individual skills based moves which gradually increase in complexity so that they can retain new learnt skills and habits that stay with each player permanently and that will change the way they play with a focus on becoming more effective in regular team based matches.

The afternoon sessions are less intensive in terms of skills acquisition coaching as we encourage them to use their new skills with new found confidence in fun based games and mini world cup play. 


“I just want to say a big THANK YOU, soccer camp has been great for my son. He started walking when he was 7 months old and by two he was easily kicking a ball around. He usually picks up new sports easily however he has never been very 'teachable', not really interested in being taught new skills or practicing. Soccer camp this week seems to have made a big difference to him, he has actually learned the skills and used them and can see how it does improve how he plays. He and his friend just grumbled about the first day but you could see as their skills and confidence grew they enjoyed each day even more. Soccer camp seems to have switched a little light on for him, he discovered that learning from people better than you is good. It has also switched back on his self-confidence and love of the game too. It seems like a small thing but for a kid that has as many medical and neurological challenges as he has it is a skill that he will benefit from over and over again in life.

I can't say enough good things about this training. My son who is 8 had a great deal of enthusiasm but very few actual skills and although had played one season of football really didn't know the basics. He has gone from strength to strength and is now the star striker in his local team. Recently he played a mini championship for his club and scored 4 awesome goals in one game - the other parents were really impressed by his accuracy. The trainers themselves are so dedicated to helping the kids and my son never wants to miss a practice even if he is sick”.



"Hi NB BSS & Awesome Coaches,

I just really wanted to say a huge thank you for all the effort you put into our little soccer players. My son has gone from being a child with a huge passion for soccer and some natural skill, to a player who’s learned skills match a passion which is out of this world! I can see this will be a lifelong sport for him. 

I am particularly grateful for the fact that he is now reaping some rewards for his own and his coaches hard work: In the past he has not been seen well at grading’s and trials for soccer. This year he made the school team with ease, getting into an age group where they would only expect to take two players – one of which was him. Aside from being thrilled with opportunity, it has done wonders for a normally shy boy’s self-confidence.

I do believe you somehow teach more than soccer – valuable skills for life are also inherent in your lessons. Thank you for all that you do".

To register follow the link Northern Beaches Holiday Clinic

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