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Registering your child is a simple process. Follow the steps listed below (if you have any issues please give us a call). Payments can be made online for most programs, we utilize PayPal as our payment gateway as it offers the best protection for our customers. Online payments can be made with any card showing the Visa or MasterCard symbols, you can also utilize direct deposit payments via a PayPal eCheck.


NB: You do not need a PayPal account to utilize the system.


Step 1. Choose the Location of the program you wish to register for by clicking the Locations menu above and choosing your centre.


Step 2. You are now on the website for your chosen centre, from here choose the Register Now menu and select the program you are interested in.


Step 3. Read about the program, taking note of the important details.


Step 4. Complete the online form and select continue at the bottom of the page, review the registration details and once satisfied choose confirm. At this point you registration has been sent and received by our server and distributed to the centre manager.


Step 5. You now have the option at the bottom of the page to proceed to payment, by choosing this option you will be taken to the PayPal payment screen. If you do not wish to proceed you can simply close the page, your registration has been received and you will be contacted regarding payment arrangments.